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U.S. Marines Train Ugandan Soldiers, Turn Over Equipment

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By APN Reporter


U.S. Marines and Sailors with Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force Crisis Response-Africa, Logistics Combat Element 18.2 embedded with the Ugandan People’s Defense Force soldiers for a two-month training mission in Camp Jinja, Uganda from March to June 2018.

The training consisted of seven main operational areas: motor transport operations, maintenance, communications, supply, civil engineering, heavy equipment operations, and utilities management. The Theater Security Cooperation mission is meant to strengthen ties between the people of the United States and Uganda.

To enhance the capabilities of the UPDF, the Marines turned over equipment for the UPDF to complete engineering projects and enable more effective crisis response in the area.

The equipment includes: 30 Mercedes trucks with parts for maintenance, two CAT bulldozers, three M-35 2.5 ton trucks, one Rough Terrain Container Handler, and medical and communications equipment. “With this new capability, the UPDF will be able to better serve their people,” Hubler said. “Our training with the equipment they will now be using enabled a train-the-trainer mindset that will be a catalyst for future interoperability and security for the region.”