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Museveni’s Remarks on Abiriga’s Death Anger Opposition Leaders

By Racheal Nakassi


Opposition leaders in Uganda have expressed disappointment towards the remarks by president Museveni that the slain Arua Municipality Ibrahim Abiriga that his death could have had links to his undying love for the Ruling party.

Leader of opposition in the Ugandan parliament Winnie Kizza told the media that the statements by the president are misguided saying that he is pointing to a section of people who hold no guns.

Kizza further revealed that the opposition has always settled their disagreements with government through courts of law and other legal procedures.

Kizza says that the statements are also misleading since they may prompt investigators to focus on the opposition leaders rather than going after the real killers.

Opposition chief whip Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda wondered why investigations are going to be carried out on Abiriga’s murder when they know the suspects.

He says that if they are aware of the suspects’ they should not be talking about carrying out investigations.

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