Rev.Fr.Gaetano Batanyenda: Kayihura Misused His Tenure as IGP

By APN Reporter


Once described president Museveni as a hero while the president described him as a true cadre of the National Resistance Movement.

The man of God was last evening addressing journalists at his office at Kitanga parish in Kashambya sub county.
Gaetano says that if Kayihura had executed his duties responsibly and retired honorably without being sacked, he should not be suffering and behind the coolers.
Rev.Fr.Gaetano says that the former inspector General of Police failed to control his temper during his term of office thus attracting the wrath of the people and also falling out with his friend president Museveni.

Batanyenda says that the former IGP Should have taken lessons from the failure by president Museveni to sustain relationships between him and his allies Gen.Mugisha Muntu.Col,Dr.Kizza Besigye,Late Eria Kategaya among others.

Batanyenda also says that Kayihura failed to work for a situation that would see him welcomed by the community and also evoke sympathy among Ugandans.

On the issue of Kayihura being held beyond 48 hours as per the Ugandan constitution, The man of God says that during his honey moon, General Kayihura was pushing for the scrapping of holding suspects for only 48 hours and that it is time for him to now understand the meaning of being held and how the investigations have always dragged on.

Batanyenda says that the detention of Kayihura beyond 48 hours is a lesson to those who have been holding people/suspects beyond the stipulated time.

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