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Over 40 lives lost in Bududa Mudslides

By APN Reporter
On 11th October 2018, heavy rains that lasted for about 2 hours from 2:15 p.m. hit areas of Bukalasi Sub-county in Bududa district, eastern Uganda.

River Suume which is within the same sub-county filled up, burst its banks and the heavy overflow swept off houses in the neighbouring villages, leaving over 34 people dead.
The villages affected include: Suume, Nnayinza, Namalira, Nyekhe, Malanda, Shishambwa, Nanyenga, Bunamwamba among others.
Three (3) trading centres of Naposhi, Nalutumu and Wanjenuwa were also severely affected, halting business and affecting access to social services.
The mudslides have had a devastating effect on the lives of people, livestock, plantations and human settlement. Many people have been displaced while others have had to move to neighboring villages for shelter with relatives and close friends.

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