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Marijuana Smokers Becoming a Menace in Kabale

By APN Reporter


Residents of Mugabe cell in Kitumba Sub County Kabale district and
Kekubo cell in Kirigime ward Southern division Kabale municipality are
living in fear due to the increasing marijuana smokers who have caused
insecurity in the area.
Residents says that the people involved in the vice have turned out to be a menace to the people in the areas where they live.
The marijuana smokers are always seen camping around Karujabure stream
that separates Kekubo cell from Mugabe cell in Kitumba Sub County
Kabale district. Our reporter also visited the area today morning and
found a group of 5 men who were smoking and playing cards besides the
Now, Mellon Asingura a mother of two, a resident of
Kekubo says that on Thursday last week at around 4pm, she was almost
raped by the gang of 6 marijuana smokers who she found at the
stream as she had gone fetching water but was only saved by two men
who were bypassing.
Sarah Musimenta another mother from Mugabe cell says
that on Saturday last week, she was also almost being raped by 10
marijuana smokers at the same place who ran after her and was set free
after making a strong alarm for help.

Kabale Deputy Resident District Commissioner Gad Rugaju says that they are continuing with operations against marijuana smokers in the district so that they
eliminate such criminals.
Rugaju however asked women to always report such matters to his
office for help and follow up. On 25th January this year, a group of 5
marijuana smokers was arrested in Kabale municipality, in an operation
to eliminate marijuana smokers in Kabale town led by Rugaju.

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