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President commissions Masaka Municipal roads

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President Yoweri Museveni has attributed the development that Uganda is experiencing today to the long spell of peace in the country brought about by the politics of truth which engendered unity and togetherness among Ugandans under the National Resistance Movement. He noted that this trend has also afforded the country to have a strong government for 3 straight decades that has consistently prevailed and delivered on numerous development programmes.

The President made the remarks in Masaka Municipality Wednesday after commissioning six municipal roads that have been constructed at cost of Shs.30.7 billion under the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Programme.

He said that Uganda is reaping from the peace and stability that has been in place for the last 3 decades premised on the unity among Ugandans under the National Resistance Movement. He, therefore, asked the people of Uganda to safeguard that unity jealously and be sure that the country’s development is unstoppable.

“The UPC government and other past governments were not able to develop Uganda because they were playing wrong politics that divided Ugandans and thus they easily collapsed because they never realised that the strength of any government is derived from the unity of the citizens. How could they develop the country when they were collapsing every time and again,” he said.

Mr. Museveni congratulated the leadership and people of Masaka over the development the Municipality has realised and attributed it to the peace ushered in by the Movement, the liberalization of the economy that gave a chance to the private sector to develop and the deliberate Movement policy of investment in the infrastructure of the country.

“Masaka was brought down during the 1979 war and, until 1986, nothing was put in place; but because of the clear policies of NRM, Masaka has greatly developed and transformed,” he noted.

The President said whereas government continues to develop the country’s infrastructure, leaders need to take it upon themselves to sensitize the population to use the infrastructure in place and produce to throw out poverty from homesteads.

He particularly asked them to teach the population to ditch subsistence agriculture in favour of modern commercial oriented agriculture. He warned leaders against failure to fulfil their leadership role of helping the people to banish poverty to avoid incurring wananchi’s wrath, a phenomenon that could easily make them become enemies of their own people.

State Minister for Urban Development Hon. Isaac Musumba commended the leadership of Masaka Municipality for the transparent utilization of funds from Central Government. He revealed that because of the proper utilization of the funds, the Central Government has availed more Shs.62 billion to the Municipality for construction of more 8 roads in the Municipality.

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