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Myths and misconceptions hinder Swine fever fight in Rubanda.

Leaders in Rubanda district say that myths and misconceptions among people that when someone buries a carcass of a pig they can die, has hindered the fight against African swine fever disease in the district.

Early last month, African swine fever was confirmed in Rubanda and Kabale districts. According to the Rubanda District Veterinary officer Dr Cosma Twesigomwe, at least 142 pigs in the district have since succumbed to the disease.

Now, the Hamurwa Sub County Veterinary Officer Donatu Mubangizi says that residents especially those of Hamurwa Sub County have refused to bury the carcasses of the pigs that succumb to the disease as one of the preventive measures, for fear that they will also die. He adds that some people have started dumping pig carcasses in streams as others slaughter the carcasses and feed them on the healthy pigs which has accelerated the disease’s spread

The Rubanda Resident District Commissioner Peter Kibondo Rwakifari confirms that his office has already received information about the incident, describing it as primitive. He adds that they intend to carry out sensitization programs to avert the belief.


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