Fr.Gaetano Punches Holes in Museveni’s Directive on Ending Criminality

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By APN Reporter


The Kitanga parish priest in Kabale catholic diocese Rev Fr. Gaetano Batanyenda has punched holes in the directive made by president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to the deputy Inspector General of police Major Gen Sabiit Muzeeyi, to produce possible solution to the increasing criminality in the Kampala suburbs.
Father Gaetano believes that police are not the cause of poverty that has forced poor Ugandans to carry out murders and robberies looking for survival in Uganda.

Batanyenda who was today addressing journalists at Grand Holiday Hotel in Mbarara municipality, revealed that the increasing crimes in the country are a clear indication that people have lost hope in their country and resorted to desperate measures.

Batanyenda says that programs such as Operation wealth creation, Youth livelihood programme, Uganda Women Entrepreneurship programme among others have not provided a solution to the challenges that people are facing in the country.

He further revealed that the business of the president moving into issue desperate orders to police bosses is not enough but should rather address the real causes of the problem which is mainly poverty.

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