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Outbreak of Lumpy Skin Disease Reported in Rubanda

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By Felix Tumwesigye


An outbreak of Lumpy skin disease has been reported in the southwestern district of Rubanda.

According to the Rubanda district Veterinary officer Cosma Twesigomwe. Lumpy skin disease is a viral disease of cattle that is spread by biting insects like flies, mosquitoes, tsetse flies among others.

It is presented with signs and symptoms like skin nodules and ulcers, a cow’s legs become swollen and develop sores; enlarged lymph nodes; Nasal discharge; Infertile cows and infertile bulls (due to infection of the testes); Mastitis, reducing milk production; Fever; and Emaciation.

Twesigomwe said that the disease has been confirmed following the reporting of 27 clinical cases observed in Bubare, Hamurwa, Muko and Ruhija Sub Counties. He noted that 04 cases were reported in Rwamutasya village Nyamiyaga parish, 03 cases observed in Kitabugika village Kashenyi parish, all in Bubare Sub County, 06 cases reported in Katungu village Kakore parish Hamurwa Sub County, 05 cases reported in Kyogo Ruhija Sub County among other places.

Twesigomwe added that all Sub County assistant veterinary officers in the district are carrying out more lumpy skin disease surveillance and treatment of secondary infections in their respective sub counties as a way to reduce on the disease’s outbreak.
He says that the authorities in the area have already notified the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries for possible intervention.

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