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Bishop Zoreka not Scared by Threats on His Life

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By Patson Baraire


The Bishop of the Diocese of the Diocese of Kinkizi Rt Rev Dan Zoreka has said that he is not scared about his life and nothing will stop him from carrying out his pastoral duties despite concerns of alleged poisoning and witchcraft likely to be targeting him.

Bishop Zoreka made these remarks in an exclusive interview with this Online Publication at his Nyakatare Offices on Jan 17th 2020 and he categorically made it clear that the law will take its course.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Kinkizi who will be marking 10 years as Head of the Diocese revealed that it was true he had reported the matter about his alleged poisoning to Police and the matter was being handled at National, Regional and District level.

This comes after Bishop Zoreka disclosed that one of the members of his flock had planned a sisnter plan to eliminate him by poisoning through his maid.

He however said that he was very careful with his personal conduct and movements so that those against him may not take advantage of his laxity to harm him.

“I reported the matter to the Police and it is being investigated to it’s conclusion and a report will be made” Bishop Zoreka said.

The Bishop however called for calm among the christians in the Diocese of Kinkizi and asked them to stop making unfounded remarks about the matter since the Police I doing it’s work .

“I appeal for calm because the matter will be sorted out once the investigations are completed” He said.

The Bishop who talked at length said that he is too preoccupied with his pastoral duties of spreading the Gospel and therefore he will not be diverted since he has a mission to help the masses minimise poverty levels so that they can contribute to the development of the Church .

This is the first time Bishop Zoreka is speaking openly at the alleged poisoning that targeted him.

He said that the Diocese of Kinkizi will be celebrating 25 years since it was started and it’s core values of promoting education, health, environmental protection and good sanitation over years will be maintained.

The Bishop said that each person, regardless of his social status has got a role to play in the society they live I and it’s under this background that his team of Clergy and other leaders in the church have been emphasising the need for community livelihood transformation.

He said that in order for a community to eradicate poverty, they need to look at the potential opportunities within their own environment so that such opportunities are turned into resources that can benefit them.

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