Mbarara farmers petition President,Speaker accusing Ministers Kabatsi,Molly Kamukama,and some area leaders.

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The State Minister for works and transport Joy Kabatsi and other officials are on spot over misrepresenting the President at farmer’s day as she didn’t deliver President’s massage and sabotage respectively.

Farmers from southwestern Uganda under their umbrella Mbarara network of farmers’ voice limited say that at the function attended by thousands from different parts of Uganda on 20th December 2019 at Mbarara Booma Grounds, president Museveni delegated Minister Kabatsi the then state Minister of Animal husbandry but she didn’t deliver his speech.

According to the letter dated 16th December 2019 signed by then principal private secretary to the president, Molly Kamukama (now State Minister for Finance, Planing and Monitoring), directed that, a written speech be given to the minister but it was not read to farmers.

Robert Kabaterine,the coordinator Mbarara network of farmers’ voice limited says that since the speech went missing, there might be others that have been diverted.

Alleging that Kabatsi, Molly, and some area leaders including Mbarara municipality legislator Tusiime Michael connived to sabotage their access to the president, Kabatereine revealed that they have petitioned office of the President, Speaker of Parliament,seeking to meet the President and submit their concerns as well as giving him gifts that are still at state lodge Kamukuzi.

The farmers also expressed dissatisfaction with the Mbarara  Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Lt Col James Mwesigye who denied their event at the final hour yet they had involved him right from the start.

When contacted, Minister Kabatsi said that she was not aware of any President’s written speech and any other matter about the allegations though she attended the event.

Story by editorial – Aaron Ainomugisha

Aaron Ainomugisha
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