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Street Kids smoking,sniffing their lives away.

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Authorities in Mbarara municipality and western Uganda at large have embarked on operations to eliminate the escalating vice of sniffing fuel, gum and smoking marijuana among Street Kids.

Mbarara being the centre of southwestern Uganda,it is occupied by people from various districts and countries like Rwanda,Tanzania,Burundi, and others, making a population of about 220,000 people.

Set to be a city effective July 1, 2020, Mbarara is facing a challenge of over 100 street kids (as estimated by 2018); many of them desert from their village areas with no positive intention,some escaping domestic violence and other mistreatment cases.

According to Mrs. Jolly Kagira Tuwmiine, the municipality secretary for health and community who also doubles as councilor representing Nyakinengo and Kishasha wards in Biharwe divison, they are ensuring that this vice ends but lack of rehabilitation centres, non-government / Community based organization’s hands, and total government intervention like funding have hindered their efforts.

Mbarara municipality comprises of Kakoba,Biharwe,Kakiika,Kamukuzi,Nyakayojo and Nyamitanga divisions and it is Uganda’s second largest to Kampala (the Capital city of Uganda).

Meanwhile, Mbarara is not the only urban centre facing street Kids, it is followed by Kasese in the border of Uganda and D R Congo, and on several occasions,street kids have been arrested for crimes especially theft.

Story by Aaron Ainomugisha –

Aaron Ainomugisha
A Ugandan Investigative and Development Journalist (Broadcast & Print), News Anchor with,also, Founder/CEO Rise Against Poverty Organization (RAP Uganda) 'Be Confident', a poverty eradication,human rights advocacy, mindset change, organization. Email If you want things perfectly done,do them yourself. Commenting on things you have not understood Makes you a 'Stupid Debater'. Avoid It.

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