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KPS Demanding for Bribes to Admit Pupils

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By APN Reporter


Kabale preparatory school is on the spot for allegedly demanding for bribes from parents to arrange and have their children admitted to the school.

 A section of parents accuses the school’s head teacher Burichards Turyaijuka of resorting to extortion and tarnishing the image of the school.

The head teacher reportedly demands for between 100,000 to 150,000 shillings for vacancies at the school and the situation it worse with children from non elite families.

Kabale Preparatory School, was and is still as on the schools considered where strict discipline and equal treatment of  the pupils is upheld.

 The struggle by many parents with in and outside Kigezi  has seen the birth of a practice that has angered many parents who fault the school’s leadership of resorting to extortion if they are to secure vacancies for their children.

Located on Rugarama hill about 2 kilometers from Kabale town , the  school started way back in 1938.

 The school started with only two children and is now a day and boarding primary school.

The church founded school was taken over by government in 1967 and its history has seen many parents trying to secure space for their children.

 The limited admission to pupils considered to have a better academic records is however according to parents being misused by the administration as they demand for bribes from parents.

 It has been the practice of the school to maintain a low number in each of the classes that has resulted into the scramble for space.

 Our reporter accessed telephone conversations between the head teacher and one of the parents at the school.

In the discussion on the 4th of February 2020, the head teacher asks the parent whether he thinks that the school belongs to his mother.

Another conversation shows the head teacher asking the parent to pick the pupil who had already reported at the school.

Another recording obtained by our reporter details a heated argument between the head teacher, the parent and the school’s director of studies.

In the same recording, the director of studies fails to mediate between the parent and the head teacher and decides to leave the officer as the head teachers orders for the pupil to be withdrawn from class.

Another parent who also talked to our reporter on condition of anonymity because her children still go to the same school revealed that the parents at the school are actually exploited by the administration and that some teachers demand for money to keep a closer look at children.

She faults the school head teacher of tolerating the vice by going ahead to demand for money from parents.

Our reporter contacted the head teacher for a comment on the matter but he arrogantly revealed that the parent acted irresponsibly to alert the media about the incident.

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