BSU Signs MOU With Indian Partners to Improve Herbal Medicine

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Joshua Nahamya


Indian expert Prof. Dr. V Jay of Ayurveda from Indian Natural herbal

medicine has introduced the natural herbal at Bishop Stuart University

(BSU) in Mbarara.

Ayurveda is a system of medicine with historical roots in the Indian

subcontinent with classical healing systems in the Indian traditional

health care systems.

This was launched on Saturday during the BSU week where students

interested the Indian doctor with medicinal plant exhibitions grown

under the agricultural department.

According to the university vice chancellor, Prof. Mauda Kamatenesi,

the management of Bishop Stuart is going to have a memorandum of

Understanding with the Doctor of Ayurveda on how the Indian Natural

herbal medicinal system can penetrate in the entire country’s medical


Being an expert in medicinal plants while she was at Makerere,

Kamatenesi confirmed that the University has got all the resources in

place to enhance the starting of the course about Herbal Medicine.

“We are going to pattern with them through training they are even going

to bring trees for planting like cactus which are very good for diabetes.

All we want is just to enhance our technology but resources, plants land

we have” Kamatenesi explains

She says the university is going to pattern with Ayurvedic experts in

India, Makerere University, and team from Norway, Malawi University

of Science and Technology to come up with modern professional herbal

medicine training at the western based campus.

Kamatenesi assured the public with natural herbal treatment rather than

going for tablets and drugs.

“There is nothing going to be called like witchcraft in this because all

the traditional medicine under the ministry of health is going to develop

their own medicine, test with NDA and make their formulations and

standardized”. Kamatenesi charges

She says they will pattern with the local community in out grower skills

to enable farmers to plant medicinal seedlings to support the medicinal

project at BSU.

“After signing the memorandum with ayurvedic experts we are going to

give seeds and seedlings to our farmers. Like if we talk of lemon we

already have a mother garden with us we are going to pattern with

farmers and collaborators particularly to teach the science but also to

produce” Kamatenesi says

Bishop Sheldon Mwesigwa, who happens to be the chancellor at Bishop

Stuart University, encouraged Ugandans to adopt the natural herbal

mode of treatment rather than using the Western Medicines which are

expensive to buy and have toxins that have side effects.

He added that there is a close working relationship with the national

drugs authority to make sure they do the Ayurvedic medicine within the

University in a legal form.

“Am glad that we are working very closely with the National Drugs

Authority because they are aware of this guest speaker Dr. V Jay of

Ayurveda, and they are the ones who even gave us a letter of exemption

with him to bring the medicines he came with because we are hoping

that in future may be we shall have the collaboration and some of these

herbal medicines will be produced even in Uganda” said Mwesigwa.

He added that at BSU some small factories making oils are already in

existence alleging that an industry for making herbal medicines in

Uganda could be constructed within the university.

Bishop confirmed that the memorandum of understanding will be

between BSU and Prof. V Jay and his University where he comes from.

“They want us to corporate in an exchange of knowledge and on top of

that there is a team from here (BSU) that is going to visit India to see

how they can bring much knowledge about the making of Ayurvedic


He assures the public that with skills exhibited at Bishop Stuart

University, its students when moving out will be job creators and not job


“The university is not only chalk and talk it is about research,

publication, innovation. So we are glad that different departments are

ready to showcase what they have learnt in class and how it can apply.

This shows you that this university takes seriously the issue of hand

zone or skills oriented learning that students are going out with”

He says many Ugandans have been recommended to go to India but her

doctors don’t recommend surgeries they opt for alternative modes of


“It’s a very interesting country because most of those who go there they

go for surgery like cancer and kidney but there doctors don’t encourage

surgery they believe in alternative methods of how to address the

medical problems” says the Bishop

He says Uganda is burdened by diseases at a high cost instead of using

cheap natural medicine.

“We have a problem in Uganda the disease burden is so high the cost

also high and yet most of our people cannot afford. I got a chance to take

some tests in the ayurvedic clinic but the money I paid was much less

than the money I would pay here if I go for medical checkup” Dr.

Sheldon says

He says that even ayurvedic doctors are highly respected in India not

like in Uganda where doctors only believe in western medicine.

“Indian doctors are of very high level of academic it’s not local tradition

the problem we have here is that all the doctors we have in Uganda are

trained in the western style that believe in medicine” says Sheldon

DR. V Jay explains that ayurvedic medicine is a terminology in Indian

community which means the science of life that is all about the

understanding mainly of how body works and how it can treat it.

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