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Self-styled Bachwezi leader says African spiritual and supernatural powers can save the world from COVID_19

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The Self-styled leader of Bachwezi Bashir Mulema has revealed that like other disasters,coronavirus (COVID_19) pandemic is a sign of God/god’s anger because many humans have disobeyed a lot and even those who know the right still do the wrong including some traditional,religious and other categories of leaders.

He believes that the entire world can defeat the pandemic if people pray and believe but Africa still outstands as the origin of spiritual and supernatural powers that can save the world from this pandemic.

With 33 covid_19 cases in Uganda today March 31, 2020,Bashir says Africa is one heaven on earth and this is the time to put aside the religious,cultural,tribal,other differences  and jointly humble ourselves before ancestors/God/god seeking for forgiveness and protection now and forever.

‘This doesn’t mean that you quit your religion like Islam,Anglican,etc,but believe and strive to be holy inside your heart as son of the soil because even the bible preaches about these disasters,’ the Bachwezi leader said. If we don’t do the right to save the world, our grandchildren will be subjected to paying our prices.

Mulema recently established sites in Buremba Kazo, Sanga Kiruhura, Birembo Kamwenge western Uganda because western Uganda (Ankore) is the original base of Bachwezi (demigods) unlike the renowned Mulema base Masaka central Uganda.

Compiled by Aaron Ainomugisha

Aaron Ainomugisha
A Ugandan Investigative and Development Journalist (Broadcast & Print), News Anchor with,also, Founder/CEO Rise Against Poverty Organization (RAP Uganda) 'Be Confident', a poverty eradication,human rights advocacy, mindset change, organization. Email If you want things perfectly done,do them yourself. Commenting on things you have not understood Makes you a 'Stupid Debater'. Avoid It.