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Hunger Victims to donate food to the needy

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Residents and authorities in Bukanga county Isingiro district western Uganda have agreed to collect matooke and donate it to the needy in Mbarara municipality during this coronavirus pandemic situation as Mbarara and other areas did when Bukanga was hit by hunger in 2016/17.

Aaron Turahi, the mayor Endinzi town council has revealed that as leaders they took it important to give back to Mbarara people and residents have appreciated the move by collecting bunches of matooke. 

At least one lorry of matooke will be collected around Bukanga and the covid19 task forces for Isingiro and Mbarara will work jointly to deliver the relief aid to Mbarara town for distribution on a yet to be confirmed date.

Aaron Ainomugisha
A Ugandan Investigative and Development Journalist (Broadcast & Print), News Anchor with www.croozefm.com,also, Founder/CEO Rise Against Poverty Organization (RAP Uganda) 'Be Confident', a poverty eradication,human rights advocacy, mindset change, organization. Email aaronainomugisha7@gmil.com If you want things perfectly done,do them yourself. Commenting on things you have not understood Makes you a 'Stupid Debater'. Avoid It. https://twitter.com/AaronAinomugis3

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