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Ntungamo Clears 50 Expectant Mothers for Movement Daily

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By APN Reporter


The Ntungamo Deputy Resident district commissioner Isaiah Kanyamahane says the officer of RDC have been overwhelmed by a number of people seeking permission to travel for medication with the number being increased by mothers seeking to travel to give birth to various health centers.

Kanyamahane says an average of 50 pregnant mothers are cleared to travel on emergency to give birth at various health centers with cars daily an issue they may have not anticipated in the beginning.

“I think we would have had a big challenge if the president in his wisdom he did not give authority to clear these mothers and other sick people. There are more mothers than we expected, the RDC clears at least 30 and me here 20 daily. If all these were not to be cleared, then maybe we would have people dying in villages.” Kanyamahane said.

He notes that there is still a growing number of people coming to the office for clearance with some however not having clear destinations. He cautioned the public against misusing the permissions given by security.