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Kabale University Establishes Committees to Handle Post COVID-19 Lockdown Operations

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By Anthony Kushaba


Kabale University has established committees to handle the post COVID-19 lockdown,

The move is according to Prof.Joy Kwesiga the University’s vice chancellor aimed at ensuring that they prepare for the disruptions caused by the global pandemic.

She says that there is a need to prepare the university for the period after, once the lockdown is lifted.

Kwesiga says that at its meeting held on 30th April 2020 and in readiness for the opening of the University as shall be directed by H.E The Presidents of Uganda, the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Education and Sports; Kabale University Management under a joint meeting with Deans and Directors, has established two Committees to prepare the University for operations. The two Committees are:

1. The University Task Force on COVID-19 SOP was put in place to oversee the Standard Operating Procedures and report to Management weekly. This will be chaired by Professor Everd Maniple who is a Professor of Public Health, Kabale University School of Medicine (KABSOM). 

The terms of reference for the committee shall include:  i. To oversee and ensure the National Standard Operational Procedures are followed. ii. To liaise with Management and other University stakeholders to institute additional KABcustomised SOPs.  

iii. To conduct physical visits around the University campuses in order to acquaint themselves with the reality on ground.   iv. To solicit and receive feedback from the University community with regard to varied strategies to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic. v. To assess, identify and procure the required equipment, facilities, supplies, and staffing.  Example – to increase triage stations at various entry points.  vi. To suggest ways of enforcement of Standard Operational Procedures to ensure adherence. vii. To liaise with the University space allocation and timetable committees to advise on utilizing the available space in respect to social distancing viii. Re-organize the use of WiFI network access and hot spots to ensure adequate social distancing. ix. Devise method of work for the Task Force. x. To liaise with the District Task Force on COVID-19 for any required adjustments/changes xi. To submit weekly reports for the consideration of Management

2. THE STRENGTHENED UNIVERSITY E-LEARNING COMMITTEE. Due to the centrality of e-learning in the postCOVID-19 operations, the University will strengthen its learning operations. This Committee will be chaired by Professor Benon Basheka, the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of academic affairs. The terms of reference for this Committee shall be: – (i) To re-enforce E-Learning methods with video recordings by staff, taking account of distancing as well as promoting private study.     (ii) To pilot the implementation of E-Learning platforms to groups where it is feasible.   (iii) To establish the requirements for setting up E-learning facilities (iv) To recommend any improvements on the E-learning platforms for Kabale University (v) To submit an implementation work plan and budget for operationalizing e-learning at the University 

(vi) To report to Management within one month after the official opening of the University, as a starting point on the interventions which need to be undertaken by the University  (vii) To monitor implementation of e-learning and provide regular feedback to Management.   

She further reveals that the management  wishes to assure the  students and the staff that all processes will be undertaken to ensure that learning resumes in a safe environment once the Government of Uganda makes a directive on the opening of the University.

She goes ahead to encourage Students to keep in touch with the relevant offices as well as the University Website for any communication that will follow.