President Museveni Relaxes Lockdown Conditions with Tough SOP’s

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By APN Reporter


President Museveni has relaxed lockdown conditions but with tough standard operating procedures.

While addressing the nation on the state of COVID-19 in Uganda,The president allowed Ware houses Welders, Garages .Lawyers. Hardware shops, Warehouses and Wholesalers to operate but ensure that the precautions issued earlier must be respected.

The president also revealed that all the people intending to move away from their homes will be required to wear face masks.

Museveni also revealed that the cases of domestic violence are reportedly on the rise calling on the family members to avoid domestic violence but tolerate one another.

He asked Ugandans to use dialogue in a bid to solve disagreements.

The lockdown which was set to end on 5th May 2020 has been extended for more 14 days.

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