Batwa Communities Receive Relief food

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By APN Reporter


African International Christian Ministry (AICM), a non-governmental organization that empowers vulnerable and marginalized communities in Africa, on Friday donated relief food and laundry soap to the Batwa Community in Bufundi and Muko Sub Counties Rubanda District.

The consignment contained 1.7 tons of Maize flour, 655 Kilograms of beans and soap.

The donation benefited at least 111 Batwa families that live within Rubanda District.

The donation comes after two months when President Museveni declared lockdown in the country in a bid to prevent the possible spread of the corona virus that up to date continues to ravage the world.

Faith Tushabe, the Executive Director of AICM speaking to our reporter said the Batwa being marginalized were finding it very difficult to survive during lockdown since to their style of living was badly affected.

Tushabe said the Batwa largely depend on selling hand crafts to tourists and doing casual labor for a living.

“We found out that the Batwa will be the most hit in this pandemic. First of all most of them weren’t earning before, so how do they survive? Tushabe said.

Peter Rubondo Twakifari, the Resident District Commissioner who doubles as the District Task Force Chairperson praised AICM for choosing to extend a helping hand to the most vulnerable people in the district.

“Thank you for helping the needy. The Batwa are the most vulnerable people in my district, and therefore as a leader I want to thank you. This lockdown has badly affected everyone, but I think the Batwa, who were finding it hard to live before need dire assistance” RDC Rubondo said. Handing over the items to the Batwa, the AICM Executive Director, Faith Tushabe said that they lobbied funds from Pilot light foundation in America.

On Wednesday this week, AICM donated a similar relief package to the Batwa communities who live in the sub-county of Butanda -in Kabale District.

In Kabale alone, relief food included 402 kilograms of Maize flour, 175 kilograms of beans and soap.

Faith Tushabe said that the organization received funds from Pilot Light foundation in the United States of America, to supply the relief food.

Tushabe thanked pilot Light Foundation for much work done for improving the livelihood of the Batwa, including building them houses, supporting village saving groups, skills development, promoting literacy among them, promoting sanitation and hygiene and Agriculture.

The Batwa are described by many as the most marginalized Indigenous Minority Groups in Uganda.

 AICM is a Ugandan organization, run by Ugandans for the benefit of other Africans. Founded in 1983, AICM has a vision of Uganda inspired by Christian faith, in which all people, regardless of race, creed or politics will unite to live and work together to achieve personal and collective fulfillment. AICM’s sphere of influence is at present mainly in south-west Uganda. AICM has offered training and direction to Christian communities in Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo where the founder and original director, the Rt. Rev. Enoch Kayeeye was working, but has recently retired, as Bishop of North Kivu

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