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Protests as Seven Lawyers Are Arrested by Kiryandongo Police

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By APN Reporter


A move by the police in Kiryandongo district to arrest a group of Seven lawyers has sparked off protests from Human rights defenders and locals.

The seven are part of the team and staff at Kiiza and Mugisha advocates were picked up by police as they interviewed victims of illegal land evictions during the COVID-19 lockdown.

According to Eron Kiiza a managing partner at Kiiza and Mugisha company advocates, the seven were following up a matter with the victims and only to be picked up by police over un clear reasons.

Kiiza says that they are reliably informed that the police in Kiryandongo is interested and has a hand in the illegal evictions which could be the reason for their action.

Anthony Odur another lawyer says that the mass land evictions were planned and coordinated by selfish investors with the aid of some local leaders and security personnel in the area.

He says that those arrested include Morgan Lexis Apollo, Nafula Elizabeth, and 5 other lawyers are being questioned for offering legal services to the homeless.

Odur says that that it is becoming hard to practice human rights law in Uganda.

Police is yet to comment on the arrest and the motive.

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