Education Ministry Bans Charging of Fees for Online Teaching

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By Richard Akandwanaho

The Ministry of Education and Sports, has instructed schools that offer online teaching, not to charge parents for this service.

According to a letter dated July 7th 2020 by Alex Kakooza, the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education, government is not opposed to online learning but having received complaints from some parents about schools that charge a fee to access this learning, it decided to intervene and clarify about the matter.

For schools offering international curriculum, Kakooza said that parents of learners in those schools should discuss with the school management and reach a consensus on the fees.
However, the Permanent Secretary said, that schools that offer national curriculum should not require parents of learners to pay for online learning during the Covid-19 closure of schools.
Schools country-wide were closed on March 20 following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Some schools like Kampala Parents had become innovative by shifting their lessons online but at a fee, arguing that the money was to cater for the welfare of the teachers. This order shall therefore be welcomed by many parents whose children attain online learning from different schools that offer the service.

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