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LCI Chairperson arrested over vandalism

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By Richard Akandwanaho

The LCI Chairperson of Hamuganda village Bukoora parish Kitumba Sub County Kabale district has been arrested  for vandalizing road sign posts and metallic road side guards along Katuna Kabale road.

The suspect has been identified as a 45-year-old Richard Byamukama.
The Kigezi Region Police Spokesperson Elly Maate said that Police have been receiving cases where some people would vandalize road signposts and road guards along Katuna Kabale road, which made Police intensify night patrols in the area. 

He noted that the metallic road signposts and guards are sold to the black smith in the area to create metallic objects especially knives.

Maate said that last night Police while in a night operation, Police realized a group of people vandalizing metallic road signposts and side guards along the same road. Maate added that Police followed the group thus arresting the Chairperson today afternoon after some of the items we’re sighted at his place of work.

Maate condemned the act adding that Police is still interrogating Byamukama to help them get all other suspects to answer related charges.

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