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Alcohol kills two men in Rukungiri

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By Richard Akandwanaho

Two men have been killed by alcohol in Rukungiri district.

The first case, involves Timothy Karenzi Amooti a peasant resident of Nyamambo cell, Central ward, Kebison town council Rukungiri district.

Its reported that Amooti (now deceased) on Wednesday, left his home and went to Kebison Trading Center where he took booze up to late hours. Amooti later went back home and told his son Derick Abaho that he had developed some headache and later went sleep.

The Kigezi region police spokesperson Elly Maate said that Amooti was however found dead in his bedroom by Allan Nabimanya a resident of the same address who reported to Kebison Police station that informed the main station Rukungiri. Maate said that the scene was visited by District CID officer and ateam of Detectives, post-mortem done as investigations into the death are ongoing.

Similary, Herbert Mugabe, a 31 year old fishmonger, resident of Ncwera cell Rwenshama parish Bwambara sub county Rukungiri District was also on Wednesday killed by alcohol. Mugabe on Wednesday reportedly returned home while he was drunk and entered his house of residence where he stays alone.

Maate said that yesterday, the deceased did not surface at the landing site for his usual work which raised suspicion among his colleagues. Maate added that about 05:45 pm, the area village Chairperson Willy Kabudogo and other colleagues decide to go at the deceased’s home to check on him.

Maate noted that unfortunately, on arrival, Mugabe was seen through the door gaps lying dead in the sitting room and the door locked inside.

He added that Rwenshama police was notified which later informed Rukungiri main Police which sent a team of experts that visited the scene and took the body to Rwakabengo HCIII mortuary for post-mortem as inquiries into the matter are ongoing.