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Shun sectarianism, vote able leaders

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By Richard Akandwanaho

As we enter into a political season, the Kabale district Kadhi, Sheik Kabu Lule has called on Ugandans to shun the vice of voting leaders basing on their religious or political denominations saying the vice has hindered effective representation and service delivery in Uganda.

Sheik Kabu made the observation today, preaching during today’s Edi-al-Adha celebrations at Kirigime Mosque in Kabale municipality. The festival recognises Prophet Ibrahim’s devotion and readiness to sacrifice his son, Ismail before the sacrifice was replaced with a ram from God. In his honor, Muslims are expected to slaughter an animal as a sacrifice to mark this occasion.

Sheik Kabu said that in many communities in Uganda, people still choose leaders not because of their abilities to represent the voters but just because they are of the same religion or political party. He noted that such a vice has led to the election of incompetent leaders that has hindered better service delivery in many communities in Uganda.

Sheik Kabu said that if Ugandans are to get delivering and incorruptible leaders, they need to start voting a candidate’s ability to deliver not their religious or political affiliations.  

Sheik Kabu’s remarks were also seconded by Hajji Issah Tidyebwa, the Chairman Kabale Muslim district council who also noted that politics of religion have led to underdevelopment of many communities in Uganda.