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Religious leaders and councils should take action against Ndeeba church perpetrators

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By Richard Akandwanaho

The Chairperson of Kigezi Interreligious council Rev Fr Gaetano Batanyenda has condemned the demolition of St Peter’s Church Ndeeba, calling for the intervention of religious councils and leaders to demand for action against the perpetrators.

The demolition came on the backdrop of a June 6th 2019 ruling by High Court judge Eudes Keitirima, who said Church of Uganda trustees fraudulently acquired the land where the church sits. He directed the cancellation of the title that had been in the names of Bishop Dunstan Nsubuga, Rev Y.S Kitaka and one E Kitaka who were trustees of Namirembe Diocese on the land.

The court also ruled that the names of the three trustees were also fraudulently entered onto a special title. Court said there was no evidence showing that Nsubuga and Rev Kitaka had ever owned St Peter’s church land.

In the verdict, the judge cited testimony of Bishop Nsubuga’s widow who denied having any interest in the contested land and even wondered how the deceased got registered on the land title. Following the court ruling, the 40-year-old church was on Sunday night demolished. The land also housed a garage and a school. Since its demolition, three police officers and 11 civilians have been arrested in connection to the act.

Speaking in a press conference at Kick Corruption offices in Kirigime Southern division Kabale municipality today, Fr Batanyenda said that the church’s demolition is unfortunate and a direct disrespect to all worshipers in Uganda and God in general.

Fr Batanyenda said that its now the right time for all religious leaders regardless of the differences in religious denominations to come out publically and condemn the act, and demand for action against the perpetrators that demolished the church.