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Rubanda district Chairperson donates to the disabled

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By Richard Akandwanaho

The Rubanda District Chairperson Jogo Kenneth Biryabarema has donated a plastic limb to a 24 year old man, whose right leg was amputated after being involved in an accident.

The beneficiary is John Ariho a resident of Muzirante village Mpungu parish Hamurwa Sub County Rubanda district. Ariho was last year involved in a motor accident in Mbarara district and his right leg was amputated after it was severely knocked and fractured.

Biryabarema said that he learnt of Ariho’s situation from a concerned resident who said Ariho was finding it difficult to walk and associate with the rest of the members in the community which made him feel neglected.

Biryabarema said that he purchased the plastic limb at 450,000 shillings to help Ariho feel part of the community.

Jogo on plastic limb ENG
Jogo on plastic limb RR

Ariho commended Biryabarema for the donation saying it will enable him associate with the rest of the community members especially attending to church once places of worship are opened.

Ariho on Jogo RR