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Maj Gen Sam Kiwanuka takes over as UPDF’s Chief of Production and Welfare

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By APN Reporter


Maj Gen Sam Kiwanuka is the new Chief of Production and Welfare taking over from Brig Steven Oluka who moves on to Operation Wealth Creation following recent transfers made by the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces.

While presiding over the handover/take over ceremony at Mbuya on Thursday , Lt Gen Joseph Musanyufu, the Joint Chief of Staff of the UPDF tipped the new Chief of Production and Welfare in the UPDF, Maj Gen Sam Kiwanuka on the utilization and protection of the land in its possession to engage in productive activities.

This is also enshrined in the constitution of the Republic of Uganda under article 208 and 209 which mandates the UPDF to engage in productitive activities for national development. “Ensure all productive land is surveyed and utilized for its intended purpose of production for the prosperity of the institution,” said Lt Gen Musanyufu.

Gen. Musanyufu thanked the outgoing Chief, Brig Gen Steven Oluka, for having served his tenure remarkably well and leaving a mark.

He acknowledged that the incoming General Officer is highly experienced and is therefore a suitable choice for the task and would appropriately carry on with the achievements of his predecessors. He pledged support to the incoming. “We shall give you the support that you need to make us a productive Army and we wish you success,” said Lt Gen Musanyufu.

The outgoing Chief Brig Steven Oluka thanked the UPDF leadership and the Joint Chief of Staff in particular for the support that was rendered to him during tour of duty since 2018. He noted that the unit transitioned a number of times until it became a Chieftaincy in 2015 with the view of engaging in the production of food for the UPDF and reducing on the institution’s food bill.

Brig Oluka further highlighted that in conjunction with the Ukulima cooperative and the Spouses desk, they have initiated activities aimed at improving military household income.

Brig Oluka further said that the UPDF is in possession of large arable fertile land that is lying idle which given the technical human resources at their disposable, it can be used for large scale agriculture such as that at Kyangwali pilot project.

In his remarks, Maj. Gen. Sam Kiwanuka the incoming Chief of Production and Welfare thanked the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces and the UPDF leadership for entrusting him with the Office. He said he will emphasize commitment and transparency during his time of office and will draw lessons from his experiences and advice from his predecessor for the continued betterment of the Chieftaincy.

Present at the function were the Chief Political Commissar, Major General Henry Matsiko, the Chief of Civil Military Cooperation Brigadier General Emmanuel Rwashande and other senior UPDF officers.