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Kabale University Trains Staff on conduct of online classes

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By APN Reporter


In order to ensure continuity of learning, Kabale University embarked on training both Academic Staff and Students on how to teach and/or learn online.

The first phase of the activity started on the 14th of September with the training staff, and this shall run up to 26th September 2020.

Thereafter, a two-week training for students will also be conducted.This mandatory training aims at equipping all Teaching Staff members with the skills necessary for online teaching.

The training kicked off with equipping Staff with knowledge of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for prevention against COVID-19. Observance of the SOPs is necessary during the training since trainees must convene in a given venue.

Thereafter, the training on how to conduct online classes followed, with the obligation to cover the following areas:1. Online Pedagogy: the transition from ordinary teaching methods to online teaching2. How to access and interact with the KAB e-learning management system3. How to add multimedia resources (documents, audios, videos), schedule live lectures, and how to access classes online.4. Online assessment and results management. At the end of the training, the teaching staff shall be able to sign up onto the e-learning system in order to create accounts and regularly upload learning materials for their students.

Similar training will also be conducted for students. However, this shall be conducted online, since prevention of crowding might not be feasible, given a large number of students, and yet there is a need to protect them against COVID-19.

According to a survey conducted by Kabale University among students on various study programs, 82% of them confirmed possession of the required devices (smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets) to enable them to study online.

This is an indicator that once e-learning is rolled out, students will cope with the new teaching-learning circumstances. After the training, the assessment shall be carried out on both staff and students. The findings shall guide on the subsequent steps to take for further training if need be.