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Ugandans should boycott 2021 general elections, government not concerned about their safety- Fr Gaetano

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By Richard Akandwanaho

The Chairperson of Kigezi Interreligious council Rev Fr Gaetano Batanyenda has asked Ugandans to boycott 2021 general elections saying the government has proved that it’s not concerned about the safety and lives of Ugandans.

In June this year, the government of Uganda decided to have its Presidential and Parliamentary elections held between 10th January – 8th February 2021 however, all the campaigns were to be held digitally popularly referred to as a scientific election. The move was aimed at stopping public gatherings and promoting social distancing as a way to reduce the risks of Covid 19 spread.

In July this year, the NRM Central Executive Committee resolved to allow voters to line up behind candidates in the party’s primary elections. In a document signed by both President Museveni and the party secretary-general Kasule Lumumba Justine, the lining up was to be in strict compliance and observance with the COVID-19 Regulations issued under the Public Health Act,”

However, speaking in a press conference at Kick Corruption out of Uganda offices in Kabale town, Fr Batenyenda said that the NRM’s lining up method of voting in the ongoing NRM primary elections could expose many Ugandans to risks of Covid 19 as there was no social distancing observed during the voting process.

Fr Batanyenda wondered why the government of Uganda betrayed Ugandans by promising them scientific elections to prevent them from the risks of Covid 19 but later kept silent when Ugandans’ lives are at risk. He asked Ugandans to boycott all the remaing NRM and general elections for their own safety.