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Kabale registers 2618 teenage pregnancies in 7 months

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By Richard Akandwanaho

Kabale district has registered 2618 teenage pregnancies in the last seven months.

According to the acting Kabale District Health Officer Alfred Besigensi, the 2,618 teenage pregnancies are part of the 17,309 total pregnancies the district has registered from January to July this year.

Besigensi said that Kabale district registered 384 teenage pregnancies in January, 311 cases in February, 369 in March, 319 in April, 423 cases in May, 442 in June and 370 cases in July.

Besigensi said that the cases captured are only those of the mothers that reported in health facilities in Kabale district for antenatal care.

He attributed the continued cases of teenage pregnancy to laxity in the role of parenting that has favoured moral decay among teenagers, the Covid 19 crisis that led to the closure of educational institutions, poor attitude towards family planning due to discouraging culture, alcoholism, defilement and severe poverty levels.

Besigensi said that authorities at the district have embarked on Sensitization of communities through radio talk shows on the negative outcomes of teenage pregnancies to both the mother and a child. He said the vice can accelerate maternal deaths, child mortality, increase school drop outs, child neglect among other outcomes.

He also encouraged parents to always monitor their children’s movements and spare ample time to share, discipline and shape the morality of their children as a way to prevent such vices.

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