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ANT leadership criticizes move to construct roads in Congo

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By Richard Akandwanaho

The leadership of the Alliance For National Transformation (ANT) part has criticized the government’s proposal to construct roads in neighbouring DR Congo, calling it a total waste of tax payer’s money.

On Tuesday this week, Uganda’s Minister for Works General Katumba Wamala said that Uganda’s government shall allocate at least 246 billion shillings to construct 223km of roads in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

He further noted that the road construction will not only boost trade between Uganda and the DRC but also enhance security. He added that they are currently looking at another proposal yet to mature, in which government will participate in constructing a road that will link Uganda through South Sudan to Ethiopia.

However, the President of the Alliance for National Transformation Maj Gen Gregory Mugisha Muntu yesterday said that the government’s proposal is a clear manifestation of lack of focus of the NRM government.

Muntu was speaking to journalists at Heras Country Resort in Kabale town during ANT meeting with its Kigezi region candidates for different positions in the forth coming general elections He wondered how Uganda’s government can be concerned to improve the infrastructure of another country when its own roads are impassable in a sorry state.

He said the move is just political, intended at profiting a few top government officials to attain their selfish political interests and steal the tax payer’s money.  He said that the Ugandan government has a record number of corruption cases in regard to domestic infrastructural development, and therefore cannot be trusted with foreign road projects.

Winnie Kiiza, the Kasese Woman Member of Parliament asked Ugandans to demand for a clear explanation on to why Uganda’s government is interested in developing the infrastructure of another country when its own infrastructure is still wanting.