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Rubanda district residents not bothered by Covid 19 infections

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 By Naboth Isaac Niwagaba.

Locals in Rubanda district have remained indifferent despite the recorded number of  Covid 19 cases in the area.

Since 28th September 2020, Rubanda District has registered 52 Covid 19 cases. The first cases were recorded in Rubanda District Government Prison and the number of new infections climaxed in October where 30 prisoners were registered within a period of one week.

However, our reporter visited several trading centers in the District and found business being run as usual. Majority of the Traders had no face masks while customers also procured items normally without observing social distance, and there were no hand washing facilities anywhere.

At Nyamiyaga and Kabirizi trading centers both neighboring the district headquarters, boda bodas were delivering more than one passenger without facemasks and food vendors had no face masks.

Locals interviewed said they Covid 19 was no longer news to them.  They claimed most of their friends and relatives have been tested with suspicion that they had the corona virus, but none tested positive.

Andrew Basheija a resident of Nyamiya trading center says he is not warried of Covid 19 patients in Rubanda because none of his family members or friends has tested positive.

Ana   kyomukama, cassava vendor in kabirizi trading center said all the district staff buy cassava from her stall but she has never tested positive. She says she doubts the existence of Covid 19 in Rubanda district.

Deus   Byamukama   a shop   keeper r in kabirizi   trading center says some prisoners have been coming in the market to buy food, interacting with vendors, but noon has tested positive. Byamukama also casted doubt about the existence of Covid 19 in Rubanda District.

However, Junior Asimwe,   manager gorilla safaris in mukivumbe trading center said he was  are worried, though he also doubted the covid 19 news from the district.

Meanwhile, the Rubanda District Health officer –D.H.O Dr. Abdon Birungi, re-affirmed that they had registered a total of 52 cases of Covid 19. Among these, 46 have since recovered while only 6 are still admitted and they are in good condition according to the D.H.O.

Dr. Abdon said there was panic in the district last month, but the situation was returning to normal. He said they had not registered new infections for the last few days, though it was not yet time to declare that Rubanda District is now secure from new infections. He asked people to follow the Covid 19 Standard Operating Procedures in order to avoid more new infections