Ntungamo leaders call for Joint Efforts to end GBV

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By Anthony Kushaba

Leaders in the southwestern district of Ntungamo have called for joint efforts to end Gender based violence.

Speaking at the launch of the safepal mobile application which helps the youth to report cases of sexual violence, Ntungamo deputy chief Administrative officer Alfred Byamukama revealed that tackling the vice of gender based violence requires collective responsibility by religious leaders, security, community, technocrats and the entire population.

Ntungamo Deputy Chief Administrative officer Alfred Byamukama

Ntungamo district community development officer John Turyatunga revealed that the community development officers and other technocrats have already been mobilized to ensure that cases of gender based violence are reported and followed up to ensure that the victims get access to justice.

Benon Mugume the Ntungamo district probation officer revealed that the district has a challenge of gender based violence and called on the locals to wake up and embrace change.

Mugume says that issues among them Alcoholism, Poverty, discordancy, poorly made or no wills, land ownership and failure to take care of families are the leading causes of gender based violence in the district.

He adds that the application has got an interactive section which gives the visitors a chance to interface and do a quiz which has informative and educative messages.

Ntungamo district recorded 748 cases of gender based violence in 2019 while 410 were recorded between January to August in 2020.

Ntungamo district Male youth councillor Nicolas Niwahereza revealed that the youth have several challenges and that it is high time their challenges are addressed. He also called for diologue among couples in a bid to end violence.

Isaac Niwamanya the information technology officer in the ministry of labor gender and social development revealed that the application is aimed at helping the young people to confidentially report cases happening around them or to their friends.

Isaac Niwamanya at the launch

Ruth Nabaggala the monitoring and evaluation specialist from the ministry of health lead the team to the district and asked the leaders and technocrats to work hard towards ending gender based violence and encourage the use to use the application for a safe environment to be realized.

Ruth Nabaggala at the function

SafePal is a platform that young people (10-24 years) can use to confidentially report cases of sexual violence and get linked to the nearest service providers for help. Service providers include health centers, civil society organizations (CSO), judiciary, GBV safe shelters, police and district local governments. CSOs provide psychosocial support, judiciary offers legal education and mediation, referral for medical support, while the GBV safe shelters help to house survivors.