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Rubanda NRM Leaders Clash over being forced to support Musasizi

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By APN Reporter


National Resistance Movement -(NRM) leaders on Friday evening clashed over forceful support to Henry Ariganyira Musasizi, Rubanda County East Member of Parliament flag bearer.

This was during a meeting that was held at Bubaare sub-county primary school playground in Bubaare sub-county, Rubanda district.

 The meeting organized by Musasizi who is the district NRM party chairman and also The parliamentary finance committee chairman was aimed at preparations to attend President Yoweri Museveni’s campaign in Kabale district on Saturday and also to resolve internal fights among party leaders.

The meeting was also attended by Denis Namara, Uganda’s representatives to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), and Nusura Tiperu Omar, former Yumbe district member of parliament and former EALA representative who represented Justine Kasule Lumumba, NRM Secretary-General.

It all started when Musasizi said that however much he is trying hard to increase the party’s base in the district, he is still facing a section of party leaders in Rubanda east county still supporting his rival and independent Kenneth Jogo Biryabarema.

It is when Namara took over the podium and ordered any leader in the meeting that doesn’t support Musasizi to stand up and move forward. Diaz Drake Owoyesigyire, councillor representing Hamuhambo town council, Aggrey Bandebaho, Hamuhambo town council LC3 chairman, Andrew Niwamanya, Hamuhambo town council representing Bushura ward, Windom Kahima Niwamanya, Bubaare sub-county councillor representing Muyanje parish and Pauson Friday, Bubaare sub-county councillor representing Kashenyi parish stood up.

Namara ordered them to testify before the meeting that they will start supporting Musasizi as well as helping him to look for more support from the public. The five leaders declined to bow to Namara’s order arguing that Musasizi has always harassed them for no reason.  Namara argued that he is in order to make sure that nobody opposes Musasizi and if he is less concerned whether local leaders are harassed by him.

Owoyesigyire says that he cannot be forced at all to support Musasizi. Owoyesigyire says that Musasizi has ever declined to Support Biryabarema while standing as the party’s flag bearer on LC5 chairmanship seat in 2017. Owoyesigyire says that Musasizi even defied to support Biryabarema even though Museveni held a rally in Rubanda aiming at uniting them.

Windom says that Musasizi did not only stop at fighting Biryabarema in 2017, but he went ahead and sponsored Stephen Kasyaba to contest against Biryabarema as an independent candidate.

Bandebaho says that Musasizi has increased enmity in Rubanda east by harassing contestants that are not Catholics. Bandebaho also says that Musasizi recently went on one of the local radio stations in Kabale and described Biryabarema’s supporters as hooligans, an utterance that left many people angered. Bandebaho says that he has no problem with supporting Museveni.

Musasizi says that all the flag bearers in the district who don’t support him will also be treated the same way.

Musasizi who is looking for the third term is facing stiff competition from Biryabarema, the Incumbent Rubanda district LC5 chairman. Biryabarema contested against Musasizi as an independent candidate after refuting NRM primaries results.

He accused Musasizi of conniving with the Rubanda District NRM registrar, Aggrey Monday, Party administrator, Dezi Christmas and Gaudioza Kabondo, an official from the NRM Electoral Commission headquarters to rig votes. He particularly accused Monday of masterminding irregularities in the polls.