Ndorwa East thrown into confusion over distribution of NRM T-shirts

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By APN Reporter


National resistance movement leaders and locals in Ndorwa East have been thrown into confusion over the distribution of T-shirts for the party Flag bearer Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

The president’s T-Shirts which were supposed to be issued out to party chairpersons at village level for distribution to members of the NRM party structures and cadres have now become a center of contention with Protazio Begumisa the NRM flag bearer being accused of flouting the laid out procedure and swindling money which was meant for village chairpersons.

Each of the village NRM chairpersons was supposed to receive shillings 10,000 and 100 T-shirts for president Museveni to ensure party visibility in respective villages as well as garnering support for the president and NRM flag bearers.

Protazion however reportedly issued out the T-shirts to his agents, declined to deliver the facilitation for the local leaders and has been seen traversing the constituency throwing the T-shirts to selected locals through his car window and at times causing confusion as locals fight for them.

Some locals have been injured in the distribution procedure adopted by Begumisa while some of the T-Shirts have been torn in the confusion.

Dozens of T-shirts have also ended up in the wrong hands and they have been used as rags while others are selling them for as low as five hundred shillings (500).

Mildred Musiimenta a resident of Kihoko in Buhara sub county was on Tuesday injured in a scuffle after Begumisa dumped T-Shirts at Katiba trading center before driving off at a terrific speed.

Mildred says that in addition to being injured in the scuffle,she narrowly survived being knock by Protazio Begimisa.

 Cue In ….Musimenta

Mildred Musimenta

Video clips obtained and verified by this website show the NRM flag bearer throwing T-shirts to residents in trading centers in Buhara,Maziba,Kyanamira and Kaharo sub counties.

Some video clips show sections of locals fighting for T-shirts while some women were almost stripped naked in the process.

Samson Turyakiira a resident of Nyakabungo village’ Katokye parish in Kyanamira sub county says that the behavior of the NRM flag bearer for the parliamentary seat will have a negative impact on the votes of president Museveni yet Ndorwa East has always given the president the highest percentage of votes.

Turyakiira adds that the flag bearer has defied all party structures and instead worked closely with those willing to succumb to his autocratic approach.

A meeting for NRM Party flag bearers in Kabale district held at the National Teachers College in Kabale saw Protazio Begumisa being cautioned on how he was distributing the T-shirts and he was also asked to polish his relations with the people or risk the party losing the seat in the January 14th elections.

Begumisa did not respond to the concerns raised against him but rather resorted to blaming a bigger section of NRM Leaders in Ndorwa East for abandoning him and instead allaying with Wilfred Niwagaba the incumbent legislator who is contesting as an independent.

What the Leaders says.

Pius Rwakimari the Local Council V councilor for Kyanamira sub county who is also a member of the presidential voter protection committee says that the actions by Begumisa a clear indication that he has lost track to the extent of resorting to belittling the president and throwing the NRM party T-shirts in mud.

He adds that the actions by Begumisa also contradict the culture of the Bakiga and must come to an end.

Elison Twinamastiko the Maziba sub county LC V councilor says that the actions of Begumisa explain while he has failed to attract other flag bearers at the lower levels of leadership in the constituency.

He says that they have already appealed to the NRM leadership in Kabale to engage and restrain Protazio to desist from the practice of tarnishing the party’s image.

Bridget Tummwesigye Asinga the Kabale district vice chairperson says that the actions by Porotazio have subjected the NRM party to ridicule and contradicted their party ideology and approach to the campaigns. Tumwesigye says that they have already informed superior offices to take action.

Kaharo sub county NRM vice chairperson Danstan Muhereza says that as the members of the NRM and those hunting for president Museveni’s votes, they have been stabbed in the back by the actions of Protazio Begumisa.

He says that the practice of throwing the T-shirts to voters, selective distribution and swindling of allowances for the NRM village chairpersons clearly indicate that he may not be worthy representing Ndorwa East in Parliament.

Protazio Begumisa is yet to comment on the matter as he declined to answer repeated calls to his known numbers but had earlier on told the electorate that he does not regret his approach to politics describing it as “head on”’.