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Encroachment and Illegal Construction spark protest in Mbarara

A section of residents of Kiyanja cell in Kamukuzi division  Mbarara municipality have protested the continued encroachment on the water channel and a swamp which pours its waters in Lakeview dam. According to the locals, some people have started planting Eucalyptus trees and construction, which locals say will attract flooding in the area and destruction of their […]

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Is Nature annoyed!

Kasese residents and others from different districts in western Uganda including Isingiro,Rwampara,Ntungamo,Kabale,Rukiga,Bundibugyo are crying out for help after heavy rains that caused floods and mudslides in recent days. In Kasese,River Nyamwamba burst its banks on Wednesday night causing floods and mudslides in Kilembe hospital and town. In Kisoro,More than 25 houses and several acres of […]

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12 Bachwezi worshippers sentenced to 8 months

12 Bachwezi worshippers sentenced to 8 months The Ibanda district chief magistrate court yesterday sentenced 12 people to 8 months inNyabuhikye government prison for disobeying lawfulorders.Court heard that a group of twelve people were found worshipingBacwezi in Nyakahondogoro hills Nyabuhikye sub county in Ibandadistrict.According to prosecution led by Peter Muhendo, the convicts are allmembers of […]

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Mbarara traders sleep in the market over covid_19

Over 200 traders operating in Mbarara central market have been forced to sleep in the market and those who can’t comply ordered to go home until the covid_19 wave ceases. As Uganda enters last week on 14-day lockdown and curfew,the area authorities led by RDC Lt Col James Mwesigye visited the market that hosts approximately […]

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Hunger Victims to donate food to the needy

Residents and authorities in Bukanga county Isingiro district western Uganda have agreed to collect matooke and donate it to the needy in Mbarara municipality during this coronavirus pandemic situation as Mbarara and other areas did when Bukanga was hit by hunger in 2016/17. Aaron Turahi, the mayor Endinzi town council has revealed that as leaders […]

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Self-styled Bachwezi leader says African spiritual and supernatural powers can save the world from COVID_19

The Self-styled leader of Bachwezi Bashir Mulema has revealed that like other disasters,coronavirus (COVID_19) pandemic is a sign of God/god’s anger because many humans have disobeyed a lot and even those who know the right still do the wrong including some traditional,religious and other categories of leaders. He believes that the entire world can defeat […]

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Locusts arrested in Parliament.

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has today afternoon Tuesday Feb 18,2020 ordered the Sergeant at Arms, Ahmed Kagoye to arrest the samples of locusts that had been tabled before Parliament after Members of Parliament (MPs) expressed fear that the insects could cause a swarm’s invasion in Kampala. This after the Ngora county MP David Abala […]

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Strange banana disease worries Rwampara,western Uganda people at large.

Banana farmers in Rwampara district and western Uganda as a whole have expressed worry over a strange banana disease outbreak in their area that has threatened food security and income. Believing that it is not Banana Xanthomonas Wilt, or banana bacterial wilt or enset wilt, farmers say a banana changes its color before drying and […]