Ntungamo Authorities Concerned About Laxity In Observation Of SOPS

By Anthony Kushaba


Authorities in the southwestern district of Ntungamo are concerned about the practice by locals to abandon the observation of the standard operating procedures in line with the prevention of COVID-19.

Ntungamo district health officer Dr.Richard Bakamuturaki says that the locals have started mixing freely disregarding practices such as social distancing, wearing masks, washing of hands among other practices which he describes as dangerous.

Bakamuturaki says that new strains of the disease are emerging and are more dangerous.

He further cautions school heads and owners to ensure that all the pupils and students who are reporting back to school and made to follow the set guidelines to avoid a possible outbreak in schools.

He adds that the organizers of the public functions should ensure that they have fewer people in place and also observe the procedures to check the spread of the deadly COVID-19.