Ig Launches Declaration Period 2021


The Inspectorate of Government (IG) declaration period where leaders are required by law to declare their income, assets and liabilities has been launched.

The declaration period was officially launched by the Deputy Chief Justice, Richard Buteera on Monday 1 at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala.

Existing leaders have up to midnight March 31 to submit their declarations, after which the Inspectorate of Government Online Declaration System (IG-ODS) will be deactivated.

It is a requisite under the Leadership Code Act that existing leaders file their declarations after every two years, in the month of March.

For new leaders, declaration is expected inside three months after assumption of office and later follow the existing leaders’ timeline.

Justice Buteera in his remarks pledged that corruption-related cases would top the to-do list of the court business conduct.

He said that unless unlawfully acquired, ownership of property is not illegal, and declaring it helps in fighting corruption.