Youth cautioned against manipulation

By Isaac Naboth Niwagaba

The elected Western Region and National Female Youth Members of Parliament have cautioned new youth leaders against being used in mobilization for political violence.

Mr. Edison Rugumayo and Ms. Fionah Nyamutoro, Western and National Youth MPs respectively were speaking at an inauguration ceremony for Kabale District Youth leaders at Kabale Rukiiko hall on Friday.  

The Kabale Chief Magistrate His Worship Julius Borore presided over the function in which 50 elected youths leaders were sworn in to officially kick off their duties.

With reference to the recent election which was largely violent, Ms Nyamutoro noted that people in high political offices and the opposition usually wait for the youth leaders to be inaugurated so that they are recruited for violent schemes which are usually land the young leaders into trouble.

She said the youth leaders should put their country at heart and act  responsibly because they will be required to produce accountability for the five years they will spend in leadership.

To avoid mistakes that result from manipulation, Mr. Rugumayo asked the youths leaders to equip themselves with knowledge of the constitution and the youth council act which clearly describe their position in Uganda’s  governance.

Tadeo Taremwa the Kabale District Youth Council Chairperson Elect,  assured the MPs that his team was not going to repeat mistakes done by their predecessors. Taremwa said this would be achieved through regular evaluation and refresher training for the youth leaders