Ntungamo to re-introduce home visits to improve hygiene

By Anthony Kushaba


Ntungamo resident district commissioner George Bakunda has directed local leaders and health workers to re-introduce home visits in a bid to improve sanitation.

Bakunda was today speaking at the district stakeholders planning and performance review meeting for Ruhaama and Ntungamo municipality held at the district council hall.

Bakunda revealed that abandoning home visitations has resulted into a decline in adhering to modern hygienic practices with some homes going without toilet facilities.

Ntungamo district health officer Dr. Richard Bakamuturaki says that 3% of the households in the district lack toilet facilities and practice open defecation.

Bakamuturaki adds that once home visits and re-introduced, they will go an extra mile in ensuring that the homes that have no facilities are identified and action is taken against those who remain defiant.

He further revealed that the homes visits will be conducted by local leaders who include village chairpersons, members of the village health teams, Parish chiefs, health workers among others.

 The meeting attracted members of the Village health teams, health workers, Parish chiefs, and members of the district executive.