Fr. Gaetano asks African presidents to emulate Magufuli

By Sophan Niwamanya

The vice Chairperson Kick Corruption out of Uganda Rev.FR Gaetano Batanyenda has asked African presidents to swallow their pride and take the example of the late Former President of Tanzania John Pombe Joseph Magufuli

Batanyenda who doubles as the Chairperson of the Interreligious Council of Kigez was yesterday addressing the press at Kick corruption offices in Kigongi Kabale Municipality.

Batanyeda noted that African leaders including the president of Uganda should swallow their pride and copy the example of the former president of Tanzania John Pombe Magufuli for he has been a great true servant of his people.

 He eulogized fallen Tanzanian president John Pombe Magufuli as a dedicated servant to the people of Tanzania, East Africa, and the entire African continent.

He also said that president Magufuli will be remembered as the president who put Tanzania on middle income status.

 Batanyenda described President Magufuli will be remembered as a hero, integrity leader who was not corrupt in his leadership for the time he served the people of Tanzania.

President John Pombe Magufuli was on Friday laid to rest at his ancestral home in Chantal.

The former Tanzanian President died on Wednesday 17th March from heart complications. Former vice president Samia Suluhu Hassan took office on the 19th March after the death of President Magufuli.

President Magufuli will be remembered for his skepticism about COVID-19. He did not believe that the Corona virus existed and that it was a life threatening pandemic.

His name goes down in the books of history as the president who led the fight against corruption in his country and transforming it to a middle income status.