Police investigate the death of former Ntungamo roads inspector

By APN Reporter


Police in the south western district of Ntungamo are investigating the death of former Ntungamo district roads inspector.

Blasson Basiga Timbyetaho (66) and retired roads inspector was reportedly beaten up by his family members last night before they dumped him at Kitagata hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The group led by his son Julius Muhozi, Herbert Nagumya, their sister Betty Keitesi and their mother identified as Regina Atwooki reportedly clobbered the deceased after he reportedly declined to endorse a plan to sell off family land.

Muhozi Julius who is on the run

Locals of Kabahabi, in Kikooni ward, Ntungamo Municipality claim that they heard some fights in the home before they subsidized and only to get information that he had passed on.

A resident who talked to our reporter on condition of anonymity says that the old man has on several occasions been targeted and beaten up by his children under the supervision of his wife especially whenever he received his monthly pension.

Sources from Ntungamo police station indicate that the deceased’s wife Regina Atwooki has been arrested to help police with investigations while the three children are on the run.

Nkwasibwe Aron Opio a brother to the deceased says that Blasson had earlier on complained that he was being mistreated by his family members who were demanding that he forfeits control of his land.

A friend of the deceased says that he met him on Tuesday evening at Kagarama market in Kagarama town council and told him that he was having a rough time at home with the children conniving with the mother to force him so that he sells off his land.