You must understand the role of clergy: Fr. Gaetano to Museveni

By Richard Akandwanaho

The Chairperson of Kigezi Interreligious Council Rev Fr Gaetano Batanyenda has warned President Museveni against interfering with the work of religious leaders in Uganda saying he must stop threatening them so that they perform their duties freely without any intimidations.

Speaking during a press conference in Kabale town, Fr Batanyenda noted that president Museveni has on several occasions threatened religious leaders in Uganda especially those who have publically condemned some injustices in Uganda like harassing of opposition candidates in the last presidential elections.

He further noted that President Museveni has also on several occasions said that religious leaders should not in anyway talk about or involve themselves in politics but rather leave them for Politicians. 

Fr Gaetano, who is also the vice Chairperson of Kick Corruption Out of Uganda said that without the support of the church, no government can serve it’s nationals well. 

He said one of the roles of religious leaders is to advise Christians on developmental community issues which must also include political advice.

Fr Gaetano, said that despite the continued threats by Museveni, religious leaders in Uganda should stand firm and continue condemning the various injustices and human right abuses by the Museveni government.

He also condemned the government for doing nothing to combat corruption in Uganda.