Kihihi Muslims get food donation

By Mwajuma Twaha Adams

Hajj. Shafiq Sekandi on Friday donated food items to Muslims of Kihiihi Main Mosque.

 The donation includes 100 kilograms of posho and 50 kilograms of sugar for the needy to support them during the holy month of Ramadhan following the Islamic pillar of paying Zaka to the needy.

Hajji. Shafiq urged Muslims to keep united, thanking them for the support while he was the resident district commissioner in Kanungu.

Sekandi added that development will only be realized if the people remain united and work towards common goals.

Presiding over the prayers, Sheik Umar Rajabu revealed that it is very important for the people to share with the less fortunate.

Ali Rugomwa a member of general Assembly requested has requested all Muslims to support and welcome the Muslim district which is going to be launched soon after being declared independent from Rukungiri.