System failure leaves over 800 Kisoro residents on the verge of losing out on COVID-19 relief cash

By Libino Byamukama

Over 800 vulnerable people are on the verge  of losing out on   covid-19 relief fund in Kisoro Municipality due to online system failure .

The system failure has seen the authorities trying to submit the particulars of the beneficiaries unsuccessfully with very few being submitted .

 According to Kisoro  Municipality senior community  development officer,Front  Birungi the  Municipality was required to submit only 1560 but numbers have been overwhelming that forced them to register 1730 people.

He noted that 1200 names were entered into the system to be submitted to the ministry but only 751 have been successfully submitted and 449 names are still hanging while 809 names have not yet been entered into the system to make a full list of 1560 names.

 Birungi who was addressing leaders at Kisoro district headquarters that had been convened by the area woman member of parliament Sarah Nyirabashitsi Mateek revealed that the registered categories include, Bus and taxi operators 250, barmaids 205, bar waiters 60, artists 145, saloon owners 194, teachers 336, car washers 140, street vendors 400, and 108 Boda Boda riders.

The Kisoro Municipality Mayor Ndyana Richard asked the minister to consider town councils and full participation of politicians in order to have smooth government exercises in the future. He also noted that the scope of vulnerable persons does not cover all people affected by covid-19

The State Minister for gender, labor, and social development in charge of children and youth’s affairs, Hon. Sarah Nyirabashitsi assured the municipal authorities that the issue of system failure will be solved as soon as possible.

She also noted that government is soon getting donors who will help the government to give relief support to many categories of vulnerable Ugandans including in Municipalities.

Meanwhile, Hon. Sarah Mateeke asked municipal authorities to also consider the Batwa group of people and Sex workers because they are also suffering due to the lockdown.