Mp Kamara blames poor health service delivery on poor planning

By Sophan Niwamanya

The Kabale municipality Member of Parliament Dr. Nicolas Kamara has today blamed the government for poor planning in the fight against COVID-19.

Kamara added that there is no personal protective equipment for health workers which puts their lives at stake and the government doesn’t cater for them when they are infected.

Dr. Kamara who is a member of the parliamentary taskforce that is touring western Uganda, revealed that it is  a pity to find that there are no basic drugs such as  zinc, vitamin C and paracetamol  in regional hospitals because they were not put in budget.

Kamara called upon the ministry of finance and ministry of health to work together and help covid-19 patients and health workers.

Kamara’s call comes after the senior pharmacist at Kabale regional referral hospital Rodney Tabaruka’s cry that the facility lacks essential drugs like Tosilimzab that costs around 3.4million but are not provided by national drug stores.

Tabaruka added that the facility also lacks vital drugs that help the patient when blood clots and other inhalers which costs over a 19.6million per month to buy.