Ibanda woman arrested for poisoning her stepdaughter

By APN Reporter


Police in Ibanda district are having in detention a 24-year-old man in connection with the death of her step daughter.

Edwin Nyamwiza a resident of Kanungu cell in Rugooba parish in Nyabuhikye sub county is said to have laced poison in the husband’s drug for cough known as Kabuti but was later instead taken by the step daughter.

The incident was reported by Moses Tumuhairwe (35)who revealed that the drug laced by poison was meant for him and he shared it with the daughter after she developed cough only to kill her instantly.

The deceased has been identified as Immaculate  Ainembabazi (13) a pupil at  St. Mary’s Buhunga Primary school  in  Buhweju District.

Rwizi regional police spokesperson Samson Kasasira says that the incident occurred on 14th of July 2021  at around 2100hrs at Kiyayu trading Center- Bwahwa in Ibanda District

The locals reportedly fed the remains of the drug on a hen which killed it instantly.

He says that the crime scene has been examined, exhibits of suspected poison, deceased’s Vomits and dead hen recovered and exhibited, sketch map of scene of crime drawn, photos of crime scene and exhibits and dead body taken pending.

Kasasira adds that postmortem has been done from Ruhooko HCIV and the postmortem report is pending retrieval while the suspect is being held at Ibanda central police station.