The Kigezi diocesan Bishop condemns the high rate of adolescent pregnancy.

By Sophan Niwamanya

The Bishop of Diocese of Kigezi Rt. Rev. Eng George Bagamuhunda has condemned the high cases of teenage pregnancies during the lockdown.

Reports indicate that since March 2020 lockdown Kanungu district has registered a total of 1,401 teenage pregnancy cases, Kabale district has registered an overwhelming number of 2628 cases from March last year to July this year.

Rukiga district registered 71 teenage pregnancy cases for the last financial year, while Kisoro registered 79 cases and Rubanda registered about 200 cases

Bishop Bagamuhunda sounded this today while preaching during a confirmation of confirmands into Anglicans into Christian faith at all saints church Kabale Municipality.

He stressed that parents should come out from their comfort zones and be near their children and control them well while at home during lockdown when children are not at school and redundant. He says that it’s unfortunate and a pity that young girls below 15 years are producing young born babies like them

He adds that it’s very bad that these young girls are being impregnated by their relatives, uncles, cousin brothers, biological brothers among others.

He called upon the public, guardians, and the communities to stand up, sensitize, advise and educate young children to reduce such acts of early pregnancies.

He however appealed to parents to love their children if they have already been impregnated so that they can be able to raise their young kids. He added that as the church they shall continue condemning such acts through preaching in churches and educating them in Sunday schools.

Bagamuhunda further rejected the suggestion by the government to give young children family planning tools to curb the increase of early pregnancies.

He urged church leaders and parents to be near to children and teach them to be able to appreciate