Mp Kamara Donates Ultra Sound Scan to Health Centre IV

By Naboth Isaac Niwagaba

Kabale Municipality Member of Parliament Dr. Nicholas Thaddeus Kamara has donated an Ultra Sound Scan to Kamukira Health Centre IV to help expectant mothers save over UGX 72 million spent annually on paying for screening from private health service providers.

Hon. Kamara delivered the Ultra Sound Scan valued at 12 million today, after paying an extra 5m to train a midwife who will be in charge of using the machine.

Kamukira Health Centre IV has been without an Ultrasound Scan until two months ago when the hospital received one from the government. However, the Hospital management explained that the available machine would be overwhelmed by the number of patients seeking scan services, yet there was even no expert to operate it.

Dr. Kamara explained that he developed the idea to buy the Ultra Sound Scan after he found out that expectant mothers from Kabale Municipality were paying shs. 20,000 to get services from private clinics, while others would brave the scorching sun and trek kilometres to seek help from the already overwhelmed Kabale Regional Referral Hospital.

Kamara also noted that he also wanted to help medical officers at Kamukira Health Centre IV  to carry out quick diagnoses on Expectant mothers by using the digital machine which is faster and more accurate than the stethoscope which has been the only available tool to use in detecting abnormalities in pregnancies.

The Kamukira Health Centre IV Daniel Tumwesigye explained that they receive over 300 expectant mothers who need Ultrasound Scan services on a monthly basis, and they have been referring the mothers to Kabale Regional Referral Hospital for diagnosis due to lack of the equipment and the experts to use it.

The LC.3 Chairperson Southern Division in Kabale Municipality Ms Macklean Batware applauded Dr Kamara for listening to the cries of the women in his constituency. Ms Macklean asked political leaders to mobilize mothers to utilize the Ultra Sound Scan donated to Kamukira Health Centre IV.

The Chairperson of Kamukira Health Centre IV Management Committee Peter Nsaba also thanked Dr Kamara for not only buying the Ultrasound Scan but also paying for the training of the midwife who is going to supervise the use of the machine. Nsaba also used the opportunity to inform Dr. Kamara that Kamukira HC. IV has a theatre that has been nun functional for 10 years.

Dr. Kamara revealed that he had already forwarded the issue of the theatre to the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Health and Dr Diana Atwiine promised to respond accordingly.